Who We Are

The K$ Group was started in July 2018 by traders for traders. What began as a simple Q&A page grew into a well respected trading community which was created in helping those that are just starting out or helping seasoned traders to advance themselves and get a different perspective.

The K$ Group was founded by Ken AKA K$, a former Series 7 holder and Wall Street veteran. Ken has gone on to train a number of friends, family, and staff in how to quickly trade the markets in as little time possible.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a complete novice, let the K$ Group be your first stop for all of your trading needs.

What We Do

The K$ Group offers various subscriptions, educational courses, and chatrooms. As many seasoned traders know, trading can sometimes be dull so what better way to spend your free time than to interact with your fellow traders around the world?

Unlike other groups out there, we are interested in having a building a tight knit global community and aren’t 100% focused on services therefore we offer a number of learning tools and chatrooms at NO COST!

The K$ Group believes that tools should be available to everyone and that you don’t have to work on Wall Street in order to make money like the pros. Let us help you in learning how to affectively read the market and use it to your advantage!

Meet Our Team

A diverse group of traders from around the world.



Founder & Head Trader


Day Trader & Educator


Swing Trader & Educator


Swing Trader


Day Trader